What is Domain?

BYOD or Bring Your Own Domain is the key to have successful idea to launch.

When it comes to website, we think of what is domain?

Dictionary meaning of Domain is a territory. In computing it means an address on the Internet. In the background there is an Internet Protocol (IP). However, no one remembers IP. The IP consists of some numbers with dots. The users remember the front face of the IP which is called Domain.

For example, in computing; is read from left to right. Just like an Arabic or Urdu language.

The server reads com first, then karachihost, then www and then https.

https << www << karachihost << com

What is HTTP and HTTPS?


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http) and (httpS) stands for Secure. It simply means, if you see http; it means that it is a protocol that transfers hyper text without any security. Why it is called hyper text. Any link is called hyper; which is actually an active link, because it is active that is why it is hyper. There can be dead link or active link. A dead link means the link is broken and it does not load the page.

As a user, you should always look for https on the URL box on the top of the browser.

What is Domain Registration?

Domain registration simply means that a user have to register the domain from a Registrar. These registrars are authorized by The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). A registrar can be GoDaddy, Name Cheap, and many more.

Registrar keeps all the records for WHOIS database. It consists of Owner, Administration, Billing and Technical department information and full name and address with direct telephone number.

User can use the WHOIS for marketing strategy or hide the actual information for privacy use. There is an extra cost associated with it.

Karachi Host purchases domains on client’s behalf. They can purchase their own domains or Karachi Host takes care of the purchasing.

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What is Domain Hosting?

You can Bring Your Own Domain (BYOD) but host at a different server.

As the name suggests; when a domain is purchased, you have to host it. When you host the domain; it becomes public. When it becomes public then your customers and other users can view it.

In computing it means, your domain is hosted on a server that is publicly available. These servers are mostly rented out by the companies. Hosting can be on a shared server or a dedicated server.

Shared servers are much cheaper than the dedicated servers. Furthermore, shared servers are shared with more than one user. They can be two minimum or even fifty or more users depending on the server specifications.

Karachi Host has several hosting plans for our students, small businesses, and corporate. We love programmers; so we have special packages for them as well. Please visit the link for more information; .

Domain Transfer

Bring Your Own Domain (BYOD) or transfer is easy. Domain transfer simply means that a user can transfer a domain from a designated registrar to one of Karachi Host registrars. Karachi Host works with several Registrars to cut the Domain cost. Karachi Host is not a Registrar. Any Registrar is accredited with ICANN.

Transfer is not necessary when hosting with Karachi Host. A user can use Karachi Host nameservers after purchasing our hosting packages.

If you want Karachi Host to manage your domains, then it is better to transfer or simply give access to it. There maybe an extra cost associated with the transfer. Usually, customers don’t transfer and only purchase hosting packages with us.

Keep in mind that every Registrar has a different process to transfer the domain. For example,

  • Transfer between two GoDaddy accounts is free and fast.
  • Transfer between GoDaddy and Name Cheap or any other registrar is fast but costly.