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Domains for sale

Domain For Sale

We have domains for sale. We are selling our domain names. If you are interested in purchasing, please email fill out the form. We will transfer the domain with an escrow account.

Selling Process

  1. Have your lawyers present with our lawyers.
  2. Open an escrow account with a bank.
  3. Once we confirmed that the payment has been transferred, then we will transfer the domain to your company.
  4. Sindh Revenue Board Sales Tax will be added as a separate cost.

Domains For Sale

  • – matrimonial
  • – chat program with family members
  • – individual or a team of fitness trainer, gyms,
  • – barbers, spa centers, beauty parlours
  • – for aviation, taxis services, private limousines

Value for Domains for Sale

Domains for sale can be a lengthy process. It requires several things from a purchaser point of view. For example,

  1. Financial value
  2. Emotional value
  3. Where to register and host?
  4. Is it a .com, or .pk? (Hint: .com has higher price)
  5. Is it short or long worded or includes hyphens? (Hint: short worded has higher price)

Purchase or sell a domain by emailing us at or send us a form reply below.