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We are in business of domain selling as well. We have several premium domains for sale. You can call us and ask our domain prices. If you need to purchase it directly then we will let the owners know of the price by email.

ak (ایک) and mumtaz (ممتاز) are Urdu language words.

chaynuk (چینک) is an Urdu language word. You can also use it as Chayn UK.

cogners word is coming from cognitive and cognition which is related to mental processes.

covurc word is a slang word of co-work. This is related to office sharing.

curtey is an Urdu word for upper blouse or shirt for both male and female.

used for opticians as the domain name suggests.

individual or a team of fitness trainer, gyms, etc.

barbers, spa centers, beauty parlours.

for aviation, taxis services, private limousines.

general domain name.

it is same as co-work; used in office sharing or some thing different.

mian (میاں) and bv (بیوی) are two Urdu language words. This can be used as chat application with family members or groups.

mian (میاں) and bv (بیوی) are two Urdu language words. This can be used in matrimonial services.

mumtaz (ممتاز) is an Urdu language word and can be used by an individual or a group of lawyers.

mumtaz (ممتاز) is an Urdu language word and can be used as a list of startups.

can be used for selling cosmetics, beauty, makeup and self-help products

can be used for selling peace sauces or another food related or business related items.

tusvir (تصویر) is an Urdu language word translated to an image or picture.

very strong domain for youngsters

We have domains for sale. We are selling our domain names. If you are interested in purchasing, please email or fill out the form. We will transfer the domain with an escrow account.

  • Have your lawyers present with our lawyers.
  • Open an escrow account with a bank.
  • Once we confirmed that the payment has been transferred, then we will transfer the domain to your company.
  • Sindh Revenue Board Sales Tax will be added as a separate cost.

Value for Domains for Sale

Domains for sale can be a lengthy process. It requires several things from a purchaser point of view. Moreover, any purchase is tax accountable. The cost definitely goes up. However, one has to understand that there is an emotional and business value attached to the domains. Furthermore, the tax is an expense and you can always claim in your business.

In addition, every business has a financial value and domains are part of it. Above all, keep in mind, .com tld has a higher cash value if compared with other tlds. Therefore, anyone should opt for .com if you need to resell or starting a business. In conclusion, provides consultancy and advises individuals and clients before purchasing any items.

We have a small process that we follow. Firstly, we listen to the client’s financial demand of the interested domain. Secondly, we work with our lawyers and calculate fee and taxes to gather all the cost. Thirdly, and most importantly, we propose our clients the complete breakdown of the cost that will be incurred in purchasing the domain.

Let’s look at that factors that are involved in purchasing domains. For instance,

  • Financial value
  • Emotional value
  • Where to register and host?
  • Is it a .com, or .pk? (Hint: .com has higher price)
  • Is it short or long worded or includes hyphens? (Hint: short worded has higher price)
  • You are a corporate lawyer. You can have The domain .LAWYER is specifically for lawyers.
  • You are a criminal attorney. You can have The domain .ATTORNEY is specifically for attorneys.
  • You are a cricket club. You can have The domain .CRICKET is for sports lover or even for insects lover.
  • You are a fashion/textile/jewelry or any other designer. You can have The domain .DESIGN is for who need to showcase their designs.

.PK Domains

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