Industry Specific Domains

We can cater you with several catchy domain names. We provide industry specific domains to our clients. Some catchy TLDs are below.


.ARCHI is part of industry specific domains and also available to architectural universities and colleges, and to organizations that provide software and services for architects.

This domain names are reserved only for architects and their organizations. You must be a qualified licensed architect in order to register. The restrictions lend great credibility and prestige to anyone with a .ARCHI domain.

Similar New Domain Extensions

.build | .builders | .contractors


The .ATTORNEY TLD presents a sizable opportunity around the globe with 1.2 million licensed attorneys in the United States and over 1.5 million lawyers across English-speaking Europe, Australia, South Africa and India.

Typically 70% or more of professionals operate in private practices, meaning that a web presence is crucial for creating and maintaining business.


The .CONSULTING Top Level Domain is the online home for consultants to meet, promote their expertise, and do business. Large corporations, small companies, and individual consultants will thrive in this uniquely connected online hub.

In an increasingly crowded market, professionals will benefit from the immediate recognition and credibility the web and email addresses bring.


There’s a huge market for .CRICKET domain names, with an estimated 2-3 billion fans globally. A .CRICKET domain name immediately connects and resonate with cricket fans worldwide.

Industry Specific Domains

It can be difficult to find an available domain name with generic domains like .COM and .NET, especially for sports-related keywords. .CRICKET creates new opportunities and has great availability.


Why would anyone purchase .Design TLD? I am sure you have all these questions in your mind. However, TLDs have expanded and a user have wide resources available for a specific industry. We are in a NOT COM REVOLUTION.

Now, if you don’t know what a TLD is then you must go to our Campus and find out all about it. You can simply read here about TLD. Now back to explaining .Design TLD!

.Design is for many talented professionals.

  • Graphic design firms
  • Product designers
  • Art directors
  • Set & lighting designers
  • Game designers
  • Digital animators
  • Website designers
  • Industrial designers
  • Urban planners
  • Graphic artists
  • Fashion & costume designers
  • Landscape architects
  • User experience (UX) architects
  • Interior designers
  • Mobile designers

This is a domain just for designers. Even though anyone can use it but it will be appropriate for product designers, jewelry designers and so on. It is perfect for costume designers and interior designers. You can make an eye-catching address for your digital portfolio. You can showcase your designs.


The primary markets for the new .ENGINEER TLD include professionals in the largest disciplines of computer, civil, mechanical and electrical. The trade organizations representing these key areas, as well as subgroups in the computer engineering community are key to acceptance and buy-in from their members.

The market for .ENGINEER includes over 2.5 million people in the US labor market alone. Almost half of these are in computer–related professions, predominately computer programmers (900K+). The English-speaking audience for the TLDs outside the US, including India, adds in excess of one million prospects.

More Industry Specific Domains

  • .IO
  • .NEWS
  • .SALE
  • .SHOP
  • .VET
  • .VIDEO

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