.io Domains

Domains for Startups and Tech Company

.IO is basically serving ccTLD for British Indian Ocean Territory. However, .IO domain is very popular among web innovators and remains a popular domain choice for startups and tech companies. Please consider the following reasons for owning a .IO domain.

Domains for Startups and Tech Company

.IO extensions have more availability than traditional domain endings

One of the biggest reasons that so many startups choose a .IO domain over a traditional ending is that there is more space available. Even though .IO is one of the more commonly used domains out there, it does not have the prominence that some gTLDs have—thus your chances of registering your first choice of domain names is much higher.

They’re a great opportunity for a domain hack

Domain hacks, or using second and third level domains to cleverly create words and phrases, is a great way to make your website memorable and interesting. For example, National Public Radio (NPR) registered and uses the URL shortener n.pr, which utilizes the ccTLD of Puerto Rico to create a domain that mimics their brand name. The same can be done with .IO if your business or website name happens to have a “io” ending.

.IO domains are recognizable, and even embraced by the tech and startup communities

As we mentioned before, .IO domains are generally accepted by those who are web savvy. It appeals to the tech industry in particular as .IO has been associated with Input/Output. Using a .IO domain can be a good way to appeal to these industries and identify yourself or your business as part of the tech scene.

Google treats .IO as gccTLD, so you won’t fall prey to unwanted geo-targeting

Worried about the range of your search results if you use a ccTLD? While it could be a valid concern for some country-code domain names, Google has categorized .IO among its group of gccTLDs, or Generic Country Code Top Level Domains. Because Google recognizes that individuals and businesses outside of the British Indian Ocean Territory use this domain ending, they will not specifically target that geographic region when your business comes up in search results.

A two-character domain means a shorter URL

.IO is a two-character domain, making it a shorter option than many of the other extensions out there. The easier it is for web visitors to type your URL into a browser, the better. Combined with the wider span of available domain space .IO offers, you have a great opportunity to register a short domain name that is memorable and unique.

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