PKNIC Services


PKNIC services includes several services. The company is responsible for the administration of the .PK domain name space.It includes the operation of the DNS for the Root-Servers for .PK domains, registration and maintenance of all .PK domain names. PKNIC is operated as a self-supporting organization.PKNIC was established in June 1992 to allow Internet addressing for the Top-Level domain .PK, reserved for Pakistan. Since then, it has managed and maintained the Root-Servers for .PK domain

.PK is the country-specific Internet Domain (ccTLD) from Pakistan.

PKNIC has been offering .pk domains for open registration since June 20, 2006. We offer you to register and secure any .pk domain for your personal or organizational use with the new domain format introduced on both National and International Level.

PKNIC provides the following services

  • PKNIC Servies includes Operation, Maintenance and Technical
  • Administration of Root-Servers for .PK domain DNS (that keeps .pk domain names visible on the Internet). Administration and Management of the Registry Service for .PK domains (to add, modify and delete .pk domain names).
  • Operation, Management and Administration of SRS Program for PKNIC Registry Partners.
  • Management, Archival and Dissemination of Public Records about Internet Domain Addresses.

Services NOT provided by PKNIC

  • IP allocations. Please contact your Internet Service Provider, or INTERNIC or APNIC to get IP blocks.
  • Any technical tutorials or consultations about how to set up nameservers, DNS programs, and general Internet related topics.
  • Any Web-hosting, email, or DNS services to domain name applicants.
  • Domain names of form (please consult your Internet Service provider, about how to create sub-domains under your domain name).

PKNIC serves several operations and constituencies

  • .PK Root Operations
  • Domain Registrations
  • Resellers/Registrars